Guía ciclista - río Mosela - Moselle River Trail Cycling Guide

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Moselle River Trail Cycling Guide. Germany.
Tour ciclista por el río Mosela. Alemania.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Desde Metz hasta el Rin(304 km).
Escala 1:50.000.
120 páginas, 28 mapas, 25 mapas de ciudades, alojamientos, índice de localizaciones.
The vineyard-lined Moselle River valley provides a uniquely inviting setting for a particularly enjoyable bicycle tour. Trace some 300 kilometers of the river?s meandering bends and curves while learning about its rich and varied history. Test whether the light and fruity Moselle wines live up to their reputation, and stroll (or roll) through the ancient narrow lanes and splendid avenues of the river?s charming villages and historic cities.