Guía de Senderimo y trekking por las montañas Harz - Alemania

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Walking in the Harz Mountains.
Senderimo por las montañas Harz. Alemania.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Colin and Fleur Speakman.
1ª edición.
Publicado 1 Enero 1994.
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Seasons: Spring, summer and autumn. Centres: South from Hannover and Magdeburg, east from Leipzig. Towns in the Harz are Goslar, Bad Harzburg and Nordhausen.Difficulty: Mountains rise to 1100m, so Harz mountain walking is no harder than that in the English Lake District.Must See: Rolling hills in the Hochharz National Park, a protected nature reserve.
The Harz Mountains, Germany''s most northerly mountainous region, is a paradise for walkers. As rich in natural beauty as in legend, this is one of the most accessible areas in Germany for the walker. It is easy to reach by road and rail from North Sea ports, is served by excellent local transport, offers a choice of accommodation and is criss-crossed by superbly waymarked forest and hill paths - all of which make walking a delight even for the least experienced.

Saxon Kings and Princes sought minerals in the region, creating towns whose medieval splendour survives. Around the legendary Brocken is one of Europe''s newest and most distinctive National Parks. Wild boar, deer and wild cats still roam the ancient forests and deep gorges.

You''ll also find Europe''s largest and most extensive narrow-gauge steam railway network, a delight for rail-buffs and nostalgics alike, providing superb, car-free access to some of the area''s finest walking country.