Guía de trekking y senderismo por las Hébridas. Escocia

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Walking in the Hebrides.
Around the Western Isles.
Excursiones por las Hébridas. Escocia.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Roger Redfern.
Edición 1ª.
Publicado 1 Octubre 2003.
192 páginas.
Mapas 20.
Fotos 36.
Dimensiones 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm.
Seasons: Year-round walking is quite possible, but winters should be respected and summers will see the appearance of the Scottish midge. Centres: Covering from Arran to Lewis, a range of entry points including Oban and Mallaig. Facilities in many towns and villages throughout the islands. Ferry access. Difficulty: Mainly full-day routes, across some tough terrain. Should be treated as wild mountain walking. Must See: Arran, mysterious Mull, the wild lands of the Outer Hebrides, the sunsets, whisky and rain.
Roger Redfern describes the timeless quality of the Western Isles of Scotland. Although geographically close together, each island has its own distinctive character. Take, for instance, the cultivated fields and mild air of Tiree, the bleak profiles of Coll and South Uist, or the jagged mountain skylines of Rhum and the Cuillins of Skye.

Today, you can visit several of the islands by regular short flights from Glasgow, you can drive across the Skye Bridge, or you can savour the sea views and feeling of remoteness by taking the ferry - though not, now, quite the risky affair it was in the 30s when, ''by the help of God'', the Hebridean boatman would guide you to your destination after several uncomfortable hours at sea! Whatever your method of travel, be warned that your visit will probably be the first of many, such is the very special charm of these islands and their people.

As well as a general description of the island in question, each chapter includes suggestions for walking routes which take full advantage of the scenery on offer. Sketch maps and photographs accompany the text.

Scotland’s Western Isles have a magical quality. This guide has 50 routes throughout, including Arran, Jura, Islay, Colonsay, Mull, Coll, Tiree, Muck, Eigg, Rhum, Canna, Skye, Barra, Beenbecula, the Uists, Harris, St Kilda and Lewis. Geographical and historic information.