Guizhou Province: Costume & Culture in Remote China

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Guizhou Province. Costume and Culture in Remote China.
Provincia de Guizhou. Trajes y cultura de la China remota.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Fecha Publicación: Noviembre 2002.
Categoría: TRAVEL/Art/Fashion.
Edición: 2ª Edición.
Páginas: 256.
Fotos : 122 color.
Mapas : 8.
Guizhou, isolated from the rest of the world for centuries by its mountainous terrain, remains one of China''s most unspoiled provinces. Celebrated for its hospitality, the province is a lively, visual mix of 13 different ethnic groups, many of whom continue an ancient way of life and time-honored traditions. Here, long-forgotten skills and techniques in the textile arts continue to flourish, alongside age-old festivals where sumptuous traditional costume is set off by dazzling silver jewelry, and pipes, drums and dancing accompany feasting and drinking. Superb color photography and informed text brings this vividly to life.