Heavy Water - Rjukan Ice - Rockfax - Guía de Escalada - Noruega

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Heavy Water - Rjukan Ice.
Noruega - Guía de Escalada.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Jon Haukåssveen and Tom Atle Bordevik.
Publicado Diciembre 2005.
128 Páginas.
14 Áreas.
171 Cascadas.
A todo color.

The Rjukan Area in Norway has become well known across Europe in recent years for its magnificent waterfalls which give a high concentration of ice climbs of all difficulties. The waterfalls vary from short half-pitch exercises to long (800m) full day outings and most are easily reached by short approach walks. The main valley is sheltered from the sun most of the winter, and offers stable cold climate in the winter months with many options for accommodation.

Format - This book has been produced in the now-familiar Rockfax format of full-colour photo topos, high quality route descriptions, with symbols, maps and all the other features that you have come to expect. The authors are Jon Haukåssveen and Tom Atle Bordevik on their first book for Rockfax. Both Jon and Tom live locally and are experienced ice climbers, Jon in particular has put up many first ascent in the Rjukan area.
Because of the environment it will be used in, the new Rjukan guide comes complete with a free plastic sleeve to help preserve the book.

Areas Included:
Krokan, Upper Gorge, Vemork Bridge, Lower Gorge (- sample chapter), Rjukan Centre, Svadde, Gausta, Ozzimosis, Bølgen, Mæl, Jailhouse, Kong Vinter, Presenil, Hovinbøle.

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