Heidelberg - Libro de fotografía panorámica - Panorama

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Heidelberg Panorama. Bibliothek.

Autor: Alexander Ehhalt.
ISBN: 9783898233569.
Tamaño: 35 x 15 cm.
Tapa dura en elegante tela de alta calidad.
120 páginas con 50 fotos color panorámicas a doble página.
Con textos en Alemán, Inglés, Francés.
Far removed from the cliché of the postcard idyll, Heidelberg photographer Alexander Ehhalt has created atmospheric panoramas of the magic of this venerable University city. For this portrait, he often started out in the early morning hours in order to discover the secrets of his home city. Ehhalt shows us the winding alleyways and picturesque landscape of roofs, the gently flowing Neckar and the famous castle ruins in form of striking black-and-white compositions.