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Icoon - Visual Dictionary - Illustrated phrase-book- Plus Extra

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"ICOON" Visual Dictionary. ISBN: 978-3-980-96553-8. Author: Gosia Warrink. Passport-sized wordless universal illustrated phrase-book containing 1700 icons and illustrations to allow travellers to communicate despite language barriers. Look for the drawing you need and just point at it. Can you image how great it would be being able to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world? No need to learn Russian anymore when travelling to Moscow. All you need is this little nice pink passport-sized book; the ICOON Visual Dictionary. Ideal for taking it in your pocket when travelling abroad. 2800 symbols, icons and illustrations. You will find in it 2800 symbols, illustrations and icons distributed in 12 different categories: hygiene, hotels, first aid, maps, food... You will be ready to ask for a nappy/diaper for your baby at a hotel in Bangkok, eat low-salt food in Shanghai or asking for medical assistance if you suffer any kind of accident anywhere in the world. Look in the book for the appropriate illustrations to make yourself understood, point at them and voilÓ! In just a few moments your conversional partner will understand what you want, need or even how you feel ľas it also features symbols related to different feelings. The icons and illustrations are simple and easy to understand regardless of culture. Its author and designer travelled the whole world with a notebook in her suitcase ready to draw symbols representing the different needs that where coming up in each country or territory. She later collected them all putting them together in her ICOON Visual Dictionary, a book for travellers of all kinds; backpackers, families, businessmen, groups of friends, couples or single/lonely travellers. It's the perfect gift for travellers with no language skills.