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Mapa de la India. Escala 1:2.100.000. Resistente al agua. Idiomas: Inglés. 2009.

5th. Edition. In spite of the current turmoil, India is not just an important Asian country, it is a dynamic powerhouse of the continent, vying with China for dominance in the emerging world order. It is also an ancient society, home of Buddhism, Hinduism, and the Sikh faith. It is also a very complicated country to map and we have spent a lot of time and effort into adding new roads and extra towns. India evokes for me the days of the Rajasthan, the pink city of Jaipur, the deserted city of Fathepur Sikri, the Red Fort at Delhi, and the Residency at Lucknow. India is huge, it is beautiful, and it is – well, India. It is unique.