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India Panorama. Spezial.

India Panorama. Spezial.
Autor: Reiner Sahm.
Tamaño: 40 x 30 cm.
Tapa dura en elegante tela de alta calidad.
256 páginas con 120 fotos color panorámicas a doble página.
Con textos en Alemán, Inglés.
Designed by Edition Panorama.
ISBN: 9783898234399.
India is fascinating in many respects, and is rightly referred to as one of the most multifaceted countries in the world. It is not only the second most populous country on earth, but abounds in contrasts between rich and poor, overflowing mega-cities and neglected villages, modern technology and traditional ways of life. Besides its overpowering natural splendour and varied landscape mosaic, the sub-continent boasts a fascinating architectural spectrum of palaces, magnificent buildings and temples, in which are preserved a thousand years of history and tradition. Since Reiner Sahm first travelled to Rajasthan, and wider-ranging journeys followed throughout the whole country, the attraction of the atmosphere of India has never released its hold on him. He is particularly interested in the country’s past, which is reflected in the architecture, the customs of the people and their festivals. This illustrated volume on India presents impressively composed images of architecture and landscape panoramas from all parts of the country, which reveal the incomparable cultural wealth of a country in which the world religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism were all founded.