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Mapa del sur y el Noreste de la India. Escala 1:2.300.000. Resistente al agua. Idiomas: Inglés. 2008.

India South and North East Travel Reference Map 1st Ed. 2008 1:2,300,000 ISBN 9781553410690 $12.95cdn/us, E8.95, 6.99GBP – This is the first of two sectional maps covering India at an enhanced scale (the other sheet will be released in May). India is a large country and is increasingly popular with visitors, having a vast array of historic sites, temples, and scenery worth exploring. While our ITM map of India as a country is good value, we felt that the country deserved a more detailed approach as well. This is completely new artwork, not a photo expansion, and provides additional information and better road/rail information than would be possible on a country map; printed double-sided on paper.