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Ireland Panorama. Bibliothek.

Irlanda Panorama. Bibliothek.
Autor: Alexander Ehhalt.
Tamaño: 34 x 15 cm.
Tapa dura en elegante tela de alta calidad.
120 páginas con 50 fotos color panorámicas a doble página.
Con textos en Alemán, Inglés.
ISBN: 9783898234450.
The Emerald Isle at the north-western tip of Europe, last landfall before the broad Atlantic, could have been created specially for panorama photography. Ireland’s breathtaking, raw nature has a very wide-ranging spectrum to offer: the coastal regions with their steep, rugged cliffs and unspoilt beaches, meandering rivers with lakeland landscapes, picturesque ruined castles, exciting cities like Dublin with their many testaments to historical architecture, and small, remote fishing villages. Alexander Ehhalt has made several trips to Ireland, capturing with his camera all the major highlights of the country. He has worked as a photographer for over 25 years, and in his many journeys throughout the world has always devoted himself to landscape and panorama photography. The pictures are accompanied by comprehensive texts and cartographic material.