Islandia Este y Noreste - Touring Map 3 - Ferdakort

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Noreste y Este de Islandia - Mapa de Carreteras de alta calidad 1:250.000.
Mapa del noreste y el Este de Islandia con índice de topónimos y distancias, información turística.
Escala: 1:250.000.
Publicado: 2007.
Tamaño: 86 x 138 cm.
Idiomas: Islandés, Inglés, Alemán y Francés.

Quality section map showing the eastern part of Iceland. The map shows nearly all of Vatnajökull Glacier and the highland region to its north, East Iceland and the northeast corner of the country to Skjálfandaflói Bay. The map has contour lines and shading at 50 m intervals, and contains the latest information about Iceland''s road system, including road distances and road numbers, as well as important travel-service information such as service stations, accommodation, swimming pools, museums, protected relics, golf courses, rest stops, viewing dials and boat trips.