Istanbul Encounter

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Istanbul Encounter.
Estambul. Turquía.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Verity Campbell.
Colección: Encounters.
176 páginas.
Fecha publicación: 02/05/2007.
1ª edición.
Tamaño: 10,6 x 15,3 cm.
Discover twice the city in half the time as our resident author lists the best neighbourhoods, sights, restaurants, shops and entertainment. Local experts reveal Istanbul''s secrets: from a guide''s Topkaki Palace highlights to a bazaar spruiker''s shopping tips.
Features unique itineraries and highlights help you make the most of a short trip, plus full-colour pull-out neighbourhood maps for easy navigation.
Take shots of raki (aniseed brandy) while carousing with wandering musicians on Nevizade Sokak.
Soak up scents of saffron, caviar and Ottoman aphrodisiacs in the Spice Bazaar.
Experience the warm stone, soft suds and the masseur''s firm hands in the hamam.
Zigzag between continents on a Bosphorus cruise.