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Mapa de Jerusalén y Israel. Escala 1:10.000 / 1:225.000. Resistente al agua. Idiomas: Inglés. ISBN: 9781553416531.

1st Edition Scale - 1:10,000/225,000 Fifteen years ago, I spent ten days in Jerusalem, researching it for a future ITM map. Little did I think that it would have such a long gestation period! A few years later, we sent our cartographer Andrew to the region. He was in Cairo on 9/11 and was trapped in his hotel for four days by jubilant demonstrators. He flew to Jerusalem as soon as he could, but obviously, the mood for doing detailed mapping wasn’t strong. Finally, we felt the timing was right and the force was with us. This is a lovely map of most of Jerusalem (southern suburbs omitted for lack of space) with a huge inset of the old part of the City with all of the streets shown and major buildings identified. It is also notable in that it clearly designates the Via Delarosa, with all of the stations of the cross shown. To be fair, the Western (or Wailing) Wall and the Temple Mount Haram are shown equally prominently. The ‘heart’ of Israel and Palestine is the uneasily shared central portion of the country, from Hebron in the south to the Lebanese border with excellent inset maps of The Old City (scale 1:4,000) and of Jerusalem Region, Combining the urban area of Jerusalem with a regional map that includes Tel Aviv/Jaffa, the airport, Palestinian West Bank, Galilee, and all access points to Jordan, provides the user with the detail needed to enjoy that part of Israel/Palestine most likely to be visited by the average traveller. Printed double-sided, on plastic.