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Mapa de Kenya. Escala 1:920.000. Resistente al agua. Idiomas: Inglés.

ISBN: 9781553412847.
Our Africa series never fails to amaze me. Of course, I love Africa, having lived there for many years, and I’m always pleased by how many maps of different countries we sell each month. Kenya is a particular favourite because its tourist industry is so well-developed. This map includes the Kilimanjaro and Arusha National Parks in Tanzania, because they are reasonably close to the border and accessible from Nairobi, but the true focus of the map is on the country of Kenya itself, not just the best-known parks. Lamu, on the northeasten coast, is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Mount Kenya can be accessed from either Nyeri on the west or Meru on the east. Maasai country west of Nairobi is particularly exciting to see, and anyone who has read The Flame Trees of Thika will enjoy a visit to that ton. My particular favourite part of Kenya is the far north, especially around Lake Turkana. ITMB publishes 33 different maps of Africa, more than any other firm. Ghana is at press and should be available shortly. Senegal/Gambia is noted below. Tanzania is ready to go to press, and Uganda will be going in January. Ethiopia should have a new edition very soon. Africa, Africa; always something new out of Africa (that’s Scipio, not me, saying that – 2,000 years ago). Double-sided; printed on ITM plastic paper for durability