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Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autores: Gail Warrander y Verena Knaus.
ISBN: 9781841623313.

Ringed by high mountains and once ravaged by ethnic tensions, Kosovo is enjoying a tourism renaissance. Welcoming Kosovars have rebuilt their country and now is the perfect time to discover the potential of this once-unknown region. Fully updated and revised by two Kosovo experts, who both lived in the newly independent state for many years, Bradt's Kosovo explores a land rich in cultural heritage and stunning scenery. From hip urban hotspots to remote mosques and monasteries, Kosovo offers up delights for every type of traveller. With detailed descriptions of the lively café culture as well as the burgeoning restaurant, bar and shopping scene, plus accommodation to suit all budgets, this second edition to a ground-breaking guide is the ideal companion for tourists, NGOs and long-term visitors.

  • The only English-language guidebook devoted exclusively to Kosovo
  • Packed with in-depth coverage of the region's flora and fauna
  • The most comprehensive coverage of Kosovo's mosques and monasteries

  • Table of Contents

      • Contents
      • Introduction
    • Part One: General Information
      • Background Information
        • Geography; Climate; Natural history and conservation areas; History; Government and politics; Economy; People; Language; Religion; Education; Culture
      • Practical Information
        • When to visit; Highlights; Tour operators; Red tape; Getting there and away; Health; Safety; What to take; Money; Getting around; Accommodation; Eating and drinking; Public holidays and festivals; Shopping; Sports and activities; Media and communications; Business; Cultural etiquette; Living in Kosovo; Time; Travelling positively
    • Part Two: The Guide
      • Prishtina/Priština
        • History; Getting there and away; Getting around; Where to stay; Where to eat; Entertainment and nightlife; Shopping; Sports and activities; Other practicalities; What to see and do
      • Central Kosovo
        • Gracanica; Around Gracanica; Memorial complex of the Battle of Kosovo (Gazimestan); Sultan Murat Türbe (Sultan Murat mausoleum); Janjevo/Janjevë; Lipjan/Lipljan; Outside Lipjan; Shpella e Gadimës (Cave of Gadimë); Gllogovc/Glogovac; Around Gllogovc; Battlava Lake
      • Western Kosovo
        • Peja/Pe´c; The Pec Patriarchate; Outside Peja; Rugova Valley; Klinë/Klina; Mirusha Waterfalls; Deçan/Decani; Isniq; Dranoc; Junik; Gjakova/Djakovica; Outside Gjakova
      • South Kosovo
        • Prizren; Outside Prizren – on the Zhupa Valley Road; North of Prizren; Dragash/Dragaš municipality; Around Dragash; Rahovec/Orahovac; Outside Rahovec; Suha; Rekë/Suva Reka/Therandë; Zhupa Valley; Brezovica; Štrpce/Shterpcë; Walking near Štrpce
      • Southeast Kosovo
        • History; Geography; Gjilan/Gnjilane; Outside Gjilan; Novobërdë/Novo Brdo; Kamenicë/ Kosovska Kamenica; Ferizaj/Urosevac; Outside Ferizaj; Viti/Vitina; Letnica/Letnicë; Kaçanik/Kacanik; Around Kaçanik
      • Northern Kosovo
        • Vushtrri/Vucitrn; Skenderaj/Srbica; Mitrovica region; Mitrovica/Kosovska Mitrovica; Outside Mitrovica; Leposavi´c/Leposav’q; Around Leposavic; Zubin Potok: Gazivoda Lake
    • Appendices
      • Language
      • Albanian and Serbian Place Names
      • Further Information
      • Index
    • Additional Content
      • List of Maps (alphabetical)
        • Central Kosovo; Deçan/Decˇan; Ethnic majorities; Germia Park; Gjakova/Djakovica; Gjilan/Gnjilane; Kosovo (colour map); Kosovo in 1196, 1335 and 1389; Kosovo in 1912; Kosovo modern boundaries; Mitrovica; Northern Kosovo; Peja/Pec; Prishtina centre; Prishtina overview; Prizren; Southeast Kosovo; South Kosovo; Western Kosovo; Zubin Potok, Around