Kyrgyz Republic: Heartland of Central Asia

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Kyrgyz Republic. Heart of Central Asia.

Kirguistán (La República Kirguisa). El corazón del Asia Central.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Fecha publicación : Julio 2008.
Categoría : TRAVEL/Asia.
Edición : 3ª edición.
Páginas : 336.
Fotos : 125 color.
Mapas : 7.
ISBN: 978-962-217-791-8.

This unique and stunningly illustrated book, the first English-language guide exclusively dedicated to Kyrgyzstan, provides up-to-date practical information on the full range of travel possibilities to all parts of the country, along with a clear overview of the historical, cultural and social context to help in understanding this complex country. Kyrgyzstan's mighty Tien Shan mountains formed the Soviet Empire's impressive border with China and helped to keep this small land impenetrable to visitors. Opened to the world just ten years ago, Kyrgyzstan offers a rich history and ancient, hospitable cultures, as well as tremendous scenic beauty and diversity.