La Habana, Cuba - Bibliothek - Libro de fotografia panorámica

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La Habana, Cuba - Panorama. Bibliothek.
Autor: Michael Nischke.
Tamaño: 34 x 15 cm.
Tapa dura en elegante tela de alta calidad.
120 páginas con 52 fotos color panorámicas a doble página.
Con textos en Alemán, Inglés y Español.
Several times, Michael Nischke has visited the capital of the Caribbean island and he roamed its quarters at all times of the day and night. In addition to the images of the old part of town, which is counted among the World Heritage Sites, Nischke also created photographs that depict the every day life of Havana''s inhabitants as well as avenues and places off the beaten tracks of tourism.