La Habana y Cuba Oeste - Plano callejero ciudad - Mapa de viaje

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La Habana y el Oeste de Cuba. Cuba. Información: carreteras principales y secundarias, parques, puntos de interés, información turística, mercados y tiendas. Escala 1:10.000 / 1:600.000. Idiomas: Inglés. ISBN: 978-1-55341-638-8.
Havana and Western Cuba Travel Reference Map 2nd Ed. 2011. This newly-updated double-sided map offers an updated Havana City touristic-sites map on one side, and a lovely western portion of Cuba on the other. It should be quite popular. Havana, interesting though it is, does not in itself constitute sufficient interest. Visitors go to Cuba, and visit Havana while there. Hence, the idea of a map of the immediate surrounds of the capital city, going from east of the Varadero resort complex to the westernmost corners of the island, showing all touristic attractions. This map is perfect for visitors to the resorts in the west of Cuba to have both an excellent map of the city and a map for all their travel needs in the area of Cuba most likely to be toured.