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La Palma. Islas Canarias. España. Guía de Trekking.
Autor: Klaus y Annette Wolfsperger.
Los mejores valles y excursiones de montaña.
1ª Edición 2001.
176 páginas, 112 fotos, 50 mapas a escala 1:50.000 / 1:100.000, 1 mapa general a escala 1:250.000.
Formato 11.5 x 16.5 cm.
The greenest of the Canary Islands awaits the hiker with a scenic diversity that almost no other region in the world with a comparably small area has to offer. Wide valleys, wild gorges and crater landscapes, pine- and laurel forests, banana plantations, cascades and waterfalls form a rich contrast to each other. On this island, hiking is considered a trump card and even the most beautiful of beaches veiled in black pale into insignificance compared to the temptations of nature waiting to surprise with new sceneries on every corner - an unparalleled stroll filled with immense enjoyment between glistening lava beaches, lush primeval laurel forests and ridges bordered by a surge of clouds, the blue Atlantic Ocean omnipresent. La Palma is made for the hiking nature lover in search of adventures away from noisy bathing resorts and cheap sightseeing attractions.
This Rother Walking Guide presents the hiker with a wide variety of entertaining tour suggestions incorporating every region on the island: from physically demanding excursions to the wildest Barrancos in the North to the romanticism of a sunset on top of 2000 meter high mountains not to mention the truly phenomenal volcano route - leisurely hiking tours leading to fluorescent green pine forests, dark lavastreams and to a hiking destination that could quite possibly be considered the most spectacular of all: the Caldera de Taburiente, one of the largest erosion craters in the world, an immense primeval landscape shielded by 1000 meter high cliff faces.
A walking guide which turned out good in every conceivable way, outstandingly illustrated with colour photos and colour hiking maps (scale 1:50.000); a guide that will arouse curiosity and the desire to go hiking.