Lago Baikal - Mapa turístico y de carreteras

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Mapa turístico y de carreteras de la zona del Lago Baikal. Rusia. Índice de ciudades. Resistente al agua. 70 x 100 xm. Escala 1:550.000. Idiomas: Inglés y alemán.

Double sided, indexed road map on waterproof and tear-resistant paper. Place names of towns and villages are given in both Cyrillic and Roman alphabets, whilst names of geographical features such as mountain ranges, peaks, rivers, lakes, etc. and of places of interest are in Roman alphabet only.

Contours with altitude colouring and numerous spot heights and pass heights show the topography of the surrounding area. Salt lakes, swamps, and salt marches are marked, as well as seasonal rivers, springs, waterfalls, and thermal spas. Road information includes unsurfaced tracks, paths and routes used in winter months, with intermediate driving distances and locations of petrol stations shown on main and secondary roads. Mountain passes are annotated to show when open to motorized traffic. Other transport details include railways with stations, ferry routes on the lake, and local airfields.

National parks, nature reserves and numerous places of interest are highlighted. Symbols show various types of accommodation (tourist hostel, mountain huts, etc.), hospitals, post offices, museums and monuments, archaeological sites, skiing areas, etc. Longitude and latitude lines are drawn at 30’ intervals. Map legend includes English.

This is one of the maps published under the auspices of Reise Know-How Verlag’s World Mapping Project, some titles from which are published by Rough Guides using the same original cartography. We hold as regular stock all the titles in the Rough Guide edition, and the remaining titles are listed on our website in the original Reise Know-How version.