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Mapa de excursionismo de Lanzarote. Incluye rutas para realizar por carretera y rutas de trekking. Resistente al agua. Escala 1:40.000. Idioma: Inglés.

With a super new guide book to the island we could not let our mapping fall behind, and we haven''t. Lanzarote Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map covers this big island at a scale of 1:40,000 resulting in the most detailed and toughest map you can buy. All our country walking routes from Walk! Lanzarote are clearly shown complete with gps waypoints, which are numbered so that you can see exactly where you are on the map. Getting such a large island onto one map sheet at 1:40,000 scale means that we have had to split the island into a North-East section on one side and a South-West section on the other side, with a generous overlap between the sections.

At 1:40,000 scale, nearly four times the size of our Indestructible Map, the level of detail we can include on the map is awesome compared to any other map of the island that you can buy. In addition to the usual high level of detail on our Tour & Trail Maps we have introduced special ''lava'' fills to define the lava fields and a ''zocos'' fill to define the famous La Geria region. The result is the definitive map of the ''Fire'' island.