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Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: James Azema.
1ª Edición.
Publicado: 01 Junio 2000.
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Libya is North Africa without the hassle of the Tunisian resort or the pressure and poverty of Egypt or Morocco. Tripoli, its capital, and second-city Benghazi are really rather sleepy places. The focus of daily life is the family and people do not tend to define themselves by their jobs. There are no great cultural events in the Western sense of the term and even organized sport is pretty limited. Visiting these cities, however, you get a feel for Libya''s Third Way; a unique brand of Islamic-tinted socialism. And despite (or perhaps because of) the capricious nature of the government, Libyans are a generally kind and helpful people. (In fact, Libya is a very safe country to travel in - apart from the crazy driving!) But what makes Libya truly special are its great ''set-piece'' sights. The classical ruins smothered in wild flowers in spring that litter the north of the country; and the fierce, stark and shimmering desert landscapes further south, where prehistoric rock art has miraculously survived to tell a very different tale from a very different time.
Special Features:
Colour section on desert adventure.