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Lofoten Rock. Noruega.
Guía de Escalada ROCKFAX.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Chris Craggs y Thorbjørn Enevold.
Publicado Mayo 2008.
300+ Páginas.
370 Rutas.
A todo Color.

The Lofoten Islands are located off the west coast of Norway north of the Arctic Circle. The area is covered with inspirational mountains of perfect grey granite in some dramatic scenery. As with many areas the developed climbing seems to have barely scratched the surface of available climbable rock and yet the established routes are already regarded as some of the best multi-pitch granite route on either side of the Atlantic.

The Islands have an almost mythical status in Norway, and despite their remoteness, most Norwegians feel they have to visit the place at least once in their lives. For climbers the same could be said to be true, a remote stronghold of traditional climbing, on great rock, amongst marvellous scenery. The atmosphere of the islands is magical and weaves its spell on all who visit - trips are inevitably too short and returns are planned as soon as the peaks slip over the horizon.

The new guide covers all the many new routes that have been put up since the production of the last guide in 1994, and these cover the full gamut from huge multi-day outing on the massive Storpillaren, to the tough and steep sport routes at Eggum. The guide also gives details of the bouldering and some of the easier peaks in the area. The routes are illustrated with large full colour photos and the most detailed route descriptions available.

The West.
Helvetestinden, Merraflestinden, Breiflogtinden, Maslitinden, Olstinden, Ølkontinden, Reinesvaet, Nubben, Stortind, Eggum.

Rørvika, Pianokrakken, Djupfjord, Presten, Gandalfveggen, Festvågvegg, Henningsvær to Kalle.

Paradiset, Vågakallen, Øvredalen, Kallebukta, Trollfestningen, Glåmtinden.

Sandvika, Urdstabben, Tjelbergvika, Finnvika.

Blåtinden, Svolvær Geita, Skråpillaren, Råna.

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