Loire Valley - Guía de viaje del Valle del Loira

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Loire Valley.

Valle del Loira.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Roger Moss
Edición: 1.
ISBN: 9781906098933.
Mapas: 4.
Publicat: Maig 2010.
Páginas: 288.

Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site the Loire Valley has been attracting visitors from the four corners of the earth for centuries. Whether you feel more at home in vibrant cities such as Tours, Angers and Orléans, or slumbering rural villages, untouched by tourism then the Loire Valley has something for you. With it's sumptuous châteaux like Chambord and Villandry, legendary vineyards and fragrant rose gardens, there is a rich cultural heritage here and one that is reflected by the people who continue to work the land, producing the wealth of fine food and crisp fruity wines. Including author recommendations of great days out, from driving routes to city walks, plus the low-down from the locals, ensuring it's not the typical tourist route you will be taking. Footprint's guide to the Loire Valley is visually stunning and inspiring, helping you plan their trip.