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Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Charles Godfrey-Faussett.
Edición: 2.
ISBN: 1 904 777 35 X.
Publicado: 28/06/2005.
Páginas: 464.
Mapas: 20.

From the top of the London Eye, with the river meandering through the heart of one of the great capital cities in the world, all of main points of interest can be seen. Cathedrals, Abbeys and Wren’s churches, Houses of Parliament and the grand buildings of government, majestic concert halls and museums, but also acres of green spaces and bustling streets full of shoppers. In this guide, you can discover London’s historical heart and its ultra modern museums, its traditions and royal family. Includes an exceptional background section with all you need to know to understand the city’s heritage and where to buy everything from retro clothing to cheap theatre tickets You’ll find the best places to eat, drink and dance the night away as well as the most reasonable places to stay. And when you are tired of it, try one of our especially chosen day trips.

Areas Covered:

Central London from Greenwich to Notting Hill.
+ Hampton court, Windsor Castle.
Also includes a section on day trips to Bath and Oxford.