Madagascar - Guía de viaje - The Bradt Travel Guide

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Madagascar. The Bradt Travel Guide.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Hilary Bradt.
10ª EDICIÓN. MARZO 2011.
ISBN: 9781841623412.

The naturalist’s 'promised land', Madagascar attracts visitors with its stunning scenery and endemic wildlife, from lemurs and aye-ayes to mantella frogs and sunbirds. From the Nosy Be archipelago to the enchanting coastal town of Fort Dauphin via the capital Antananarivo and the bizarre limestone plateau at Ankarana, Bradt's Madagascar covers all the national parks and protected areas, with itineraries to suit all interests and budgets. Author Hilary Bradt has guided mesmerised visitors on more than 30 trips to Madagascar and her personal anecdotes and unparalleled knowledge, combined with input from around 50 experts, makes this the most informative and indispensable guide on the market.

  • Comprehensively updated and now in its 10th edition, this is the leading guide to Madagascar
  • More than 100 new hotels and restaurants reviewed
  • Unparalleled coverage of the island's unique wildlife
  • New section on travelling with children.

  • Table of Contents

      • Introduction
    • Part One General Information
      • The Country
        • Geography; Climate; A brief history; Government and politics; Economy
      • People and Culture
        • Origins; Beliefs and customs; Malagasy society; Ethnic groups; Language
      • Natural History
        • Introduction; Geology; Flora; Fauna; Madagascar’s ecosystems; Conservation; Protected areas
      • Practical Information
        • When to visit; Choosing a trip to suit you; Highlights and itineraries; Tour operators; Red tape; Getting there; What to take; Money; Getting around; Accommodation; Eating and drinking; Public holidays; Shopping; Arts and entertainment; Communications; Business hours
      • Health and Safety
        • Before you go; Some travellers’ diseases; Medical kit; Travel clinics and health information; Safety
      • Madagascar and You
        • Your carbon footprint; Responsible tourism; How you can help
    • Part Two The Guide
      • Antananarivo and Area
        • History; Ivato Airport; Getting there and away by road; Getting around; Antananarivo (Tana) today; Where to stay; Where to eat; Nightlife; Shopping; Money; Communications; Transport and trip planning; Emergencies; What to see and do; Day excursions from Antananarivo; Overnight excursions
      • The Highlands South of Tana
        • From Tana to Antsirabe; Antsirabe; Continuing south on RN7; Ambositra; Places of interest near Ambositra; Ambositra to Fianarantsoa; Fianarantsoa; Ranomafana; Continuing south: Fianarantsoa to Ihosy; Ambalavao; Ambohimahamasina; Andringitra Mountains; Beyond Ambalavao on RN7
      • The South
        • Background information; Ihosy; From Ihosy to Taolagnaro (Fort Dauphin); From Ihosy towards Toliara (Tulear); Ranohira; Isalo National Park; Ilakaka; Continuing south to Toliara; Toliara (Tulear); Ifaty; Madiorano; North to Morombe and Morondava; The Onilahy region; Anakao; Beheloka and Ambola; Lake Tsimanampetsotsa National Park; Continuing south; Beza-Mahafaly Special Reserve; The road to Taolagnaro (Fort Dauphin); The far south; Taolagnaro (Fort Dauphin); Day trips from Taolagnaro; Multi-day trips; Berenty; Mandena Conservation Zone; Andohahela National Park; Ifotaka Community Forest (ICF)
      • Tana to Toamasina
        • Antananarivo–Côte Est Railway; Tana to Moramanga; Moramanga; Heading north or south; Lake Alaotra; Zahamena National Park; Continuing east on RN2: Moramanga to Andasibe; Andasibe-Mantadia National Park/Association Mitsinjo; Other protected areas nearby; Andasibe to Toamasina
      • South of Toamasina
        • Pangalanes; The southeast coast; Mananjary and Manakara; Continuing south
      • Toamasina and the Northeast
        • History; Getting around; Toamasina (Tamatave); Parc Ivoloina; The route north; Continuing north (if you dare!); Manompana to Maroantsetra; Maroantsetra and the Masoala Peninsula; Antalaha and beyond; Sambava; Andapa and area; Protected areas
      • Ile Sainte Marie (Nosy Boraha)
        • History; Getting there and away; Getting around the island; Ambodifotatra; Beach hotels; What to see and do; Ile aux Nattes (Nosy Nato)
      • The North
        • Antsiranana (Diego Suarez); Ramena and the east coast; Excursions west from Antsiranana; Montagne d’Ambre (Amber Mountain) National Park; Excursions south from Antsiranana; Ankarana National Park; From Antsiranana to Iharana (Vohemar) by road; Ambilobe to Ambanja (and on to Nosy Be); Bays and inlets accessible to yachts
      • Nosy Be
        • History; Getting there and away; Getting around the island; Activities; Hell-Ville (Andoany); Ambatoloaka; Beach hotels and other accommodation; Excursions; Islands around Nosy Be; Mitsio Islands (northeast of Nosy Be); Islands southwest of Nosy Be
      • The West
        • History; Mahajanga (Majunga); Ankarafantsika National Park; Fly-in beach resorts northeast of Mahajanga; Conservation areas to the southwest of Mahajanga; Soalala and beyond; Baie de Baly National Park; Tsingy de Namoroka National Park; The route north; Mandritsara; Bealanana; Maintirano; Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park; Belo-sur-Tsiribihina; Kirindy Reserve; Morondava; Excursions from Morondava; Morondava to Toliara; Miandrivazo; River trips
    • Appendices
      • Historical Chronology
      • The Malagasy Language
      • Further Information
      • Index
    • Additional Content
      • List of Special Features (alphabetical)
        • Akany Avoko through the eyes of a volunteer; Akany Avoko; Anglo-Malagasy Society; Anjanaharibe-Sud – the hard way; Ankafobe forest; Ant lions (kononono); Ants beware!; Association Madalief/Fitiavana; Aye-aye, The; Bald lemurs of Berenty, The; Bats of Madagascar, The; Battle of Diego Suarez, The; Beware of sandflies; Beware of the local wildlife!; Birding in Madagascar; Biting the hand (or armpit) that feeds it; Breast-leaper, The; Bugs, drugs and lemurs; Centre Fihavanana (Streetkids Centre); Chameleons; Climbing Maromokotro; Coral bleaching; Count Benyowski and other early visitors to Masoala; Curious arachnids; Cyclones; Did you know?; Dilemma of pet lemurs, The; Discovering Malagasy cuisine; Diurnal lemurs; Diving in Madagascar; Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Madagascar; Fady and their origins; Falling ill in Madagascar; Famadihana diary; Family planning; Fanorona: the national game; Fitampoha and a meeting with royalty; Flying (and digging) for life; Frog chorus, The; Gemstones; Getting jiggy on my birthday; Hainteny; Hira gasy; HIV and world aids day; Hope in a plastic bottle; Humpback whales of Madagascar; Illegal logging; King Radama II; Kirindy: an island within an island; Leeches; Legend of Darafify, The; Lemur behaviour; Lemurs and rabies; Lemurs are wild animals; Long-haul flights, clots and DVT; Madagascar and the Jews of Europe; Madagascar at a glance; Madagascar yolk tale; Madagascar’s extinct megafauna; Madagascar’s spring coup; Mahajanga to Morondava by boutre; Making a difference to the poor in Toamasina; Malagasy hats; Malagasy lamba, The; Malagasy without (too many) tears; Mangosteens in Brickaville; Marine beasties; Masoala comes to Zurich; Medical elective in Mandritsara, A; Mitsinjo and the Andasibe forest corridor project; Music of Madagascar, The; My copybook; Naturalist’s promised land; Nocturnal lemurs; Notes for travellers with a disability; Orchids; Ordeal of Tangena; Plants of dry habitats; Plants of the tsingy; ‘Please send me a photo’; Poverty in Tana – what’s being done?; Pretty Polly; Prison detail; Rainfall chart; Rice; Ring-tailed lemurs of Andringitra, The; Robert Drury; Rolling stone gathers no moss, A; Scientific classification; Scuba diving safety in Madagascar; Sea-fishing in Farafangana; Seeing some of the rarest primates in the world; Sex and the forest; Sisal; Some days in the lives of wildlife researchers; Some Malagasy proverbs; Tavy; ‘To live with the sea’; Tomb architecture and funerary art; Tomb of Ranonda, The; Traditional healing and ethnobotany; Traveller’s tale, 1669 ; Travelling by mountain bike in Madagascar; Travelling with children; Tread softly; Trials and tribulations of Ankarana, The; Two-man industrial revolution, The; Value of the flora, The; Vanilla in Madagascar; Vazimba, The; Vezo migration; Vintage Micheline railcar, The; Vive le taxi-brousse!; Water highway of the east coast, The; What’s that frog I saw?; Woman travelling alone, A; Zebu.
      • List of Maps (alphabetical)
        • Air Madagascar domestic flights; Ambositra; Anakao region; Andapa, Protected areas near; Andasibe-Mantadia National Park; Andohahela National Park; Andringitra National Park; Ankarana Reserve; Ankarafantsika National Park; Antananarivo; Antananarivo Lower Town; Antananarivo environs; Antananarivo Upper Town; Antsirabe; Antsiranana (Diego Suarez); Berenty Reserve; Climatic regions; Dive sites; East coast, The; Ethnic groups; Farafangana; Fianarantsoa; Gondwana; Hell-Ville (Andoany); Highlands south of Tana; Ifaty and Mangily area; Ile Sainte Marie (Nosy Boraha); Isalo National Park; Lake Alaotra; Lake Ampitabe; Madagascar colour section; Mahajanga (Majunga); Manakara; Maroantsetra; Masoala Peninsula; Menabe Region; Montagne d'Ambre National Park; Morondava; North, The; Northeast, The; Nosy Be; Nosy Be, Islands around; Nosy Be West; Nosy Mangabe; Protected areas; Ranomafana National Park; Sakaraha; Sambava; South, The; Southeast coast; Tana to Toamasina; Taolagnaro (Fort Dauphin); Taolagnaro Centre; Toamasina (Tamatave); Toamasina Centre; Toliara; Toliara region; West, The