Marrakech, High Atlas & Essaouira - Guía de viaje - Alto Atlas

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Marrakech, High Atlas & Essaouira.
Marrakesh, Alto Atlas y Esauira.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Julius Honnor.
1ª edición.
ISBN: 9781906098872.
Publicado: Noviembre 2009.
Páginas: 240.
Mapas: 3.
Stroll through ‘The Red City’ and discover a medieval world full of flavoursome food stalls, vibrant souks, acrobats, musicians and snake-charmers: it’s easy to see why Marrakech is one of North Africa’s best-loved destinations. Head south to the dramatic High Atlas Mountains which offer a veritable feast of experiences, from skiing and trekking to sightseeing or simple R&R. Enjoy the slower pace of life and the sleepy coastal town of Essaouira, where you can wander through the whitewashed streets or find yourself swept along one of its many beautiful beaches. Discover this region for yourself with Footprint’s brand new full-colour guide.

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