Mediterranean Islands Guide

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Mediterranean Islands
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Mediterranean Islands.
Interesante libro con información detallada de 218 islas del Mediterráneo.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Publicación: Marzo 2008.
Páginas: 416.
Tapas: Flexibound.
Formato: 24 x 17 cm.
Ilustraciones: 290 fotografías a color.
Mapas: 484 mapas y mini-mapas.

A unique comprehensive guide to the Mediterranean islands and an essential reference book for Med lovers, island-devotees, sailors, ‘escapers’ and anyone dreaming of their next holiday.
Each of the 218 islands that offer accommodation has a full page – 87 islands in Greece, 66 in Croatia, 35 in Italy, 10 in Turkey, 9 in France, 5 in Spain, as well as Cyprus, Malta and Tunisia. Each island page has a postcard-size photo and all the information that the reader needs to form a judgment about the island.
Every island is given a rating for Crowdfactor (the number of people per square kilometre) which varies from 15,000 down to 1. 10% of the islands have 90% of the visitors, which means that 90% of the islands have 10% of the visitors spread between them!
The book also covers over 1000 islets and has chapters written by leading international experts on geology, history, plant life, environment, tourism, wildlife and sailing. It takes a rare look at privately-owned islands, listing over 100 of them in seven different countries. It illustrates common Mediterranean fishes and gives their names in ten languages.
The book is beautifully produced with 290 colour photographs and 484 specially-drawn maps and mini-maps. The reader’s eyes are opened…23 countries border the Mediterranean…the Mediterranean is the world’s leading tourist destination…there are more than two million pleasure craft in the Med...the Med is home to 226 mammal, 230 reptile, 489 bird and 575 fish species… tourists consume 800 litres of water a day compared with 70 for residents…only 1% of the Med’s coasts are currently protected but the WWF aims to raise this to 10% over ten years.