Miami & The Keys - Guía de viaje de Miami y los CayosMiami y los

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Miami & the Keys travel guide

Miami y los Cayos. Florida. Estados Unidos.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Dimensiones: 128 mm x 197 mm.
5ª edición, Setiembre 2008
ISBN: 9781741046984.
256 páginas, 16 páginas a color.
Autores: Adam Karlin.
Alligators cruise the swamps as impossibly sexy people sun themselves on beaches that smell of lotion and lust and a Latino soundtrack pulses. Hot, humid and possessed of a higher eccentric count per capita than anywhere else in the US, South Florida sizzles.

  • Handy pull-out map
  • Dedicated full-color chapter on Art Deco Miami
  • Interviews with locals shed new light on the city
  • Exhaustive (and exhausting!) nightlife overview
  • Miami hotels and hostels for rest and recuperation
  • .