Miami y Sur de Florida - Mapa de viaje, turístico y carreteras

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Mapa de Miami y Sur de Florida. Estados Unidos. Escala 1:12.500 / 1:400.000. Resistente al agua. Idiomas: Inglés. 2009.

1st Ed. 2009 1:12,500/1:400,000 scale – This is a new title for ITMB. One side contains a detailed map of most of Miami and southern Miami Beach, showing the downtown, the expressways, and the cruise ship docks, as well as the major hotels along the beach. The other side covers all of Florida south of Cape Coral/West Palm Beach in excellent detail, including the famous Florida Keys. This is third most-visited touristic destination in the world, after Orlando and Las Vegas, and finally completes our detailed mapping for this densely populated US state. Printed on ITM plastic paper, double-sided.