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Middle East Travel Guide.

Oriente Medio.

Idioma: INGLÉS.>br> 6ª edición / Mayo 2009.
ISBN: 9781741046922.
700 páginas / 12 páginas a color / 115 mapas.
Anthony Ham , Jenny Walker , Rafael Wlodarski , James Bainbridge , Amelia Thomas , Cesar G. Soriano.
Epic cities of antiquity, hustle-bustle metropolises, fairytale landscapes...the Middle East has all the history you'd expect and a host of surprises. Step up the pace with a hurtle through Cairo, then laze back with Red Sea diving or yachting on the Turkish coast.

This guide covers: Egypt, Iraq, Israel & the Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.

  • One handy table summarises border crossings and visa requirements for the entire region
  • The only multicountry Middle East guidebook on the market
  • The only author-researched coverage of Kurdish Iraq in print
  • Comprehensive information on budget accommodation and public transport
  • Sustainable travel choices