Mini Gafas de Lectura - Gris

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Mini Gafas de Lectura - Gris.

Nunca más te quedarás sin leer el menú, la letra pequeña del contrato o los números del móvil. Gafas de policarbonato de 2,5 aumentos, ¡siempre en tu bolsillo!

If you’ve ever been caught short in front of a blurry timetable, fuzzy menu or tried to grapple with the sub-microscopic print of an cataclysmically important contract, then perhaps we have the solution you’ve always dreamed of!

These lightweight polycarbonate reading specs are always on call and incredibly small for just such remarkably frequent occasions. The rubberised coating helps the bridge to be gently flexed to fit your profile or you can simply use them as a handy magnifier. Pop them into their ‘minimal space’ protective storage case and then into your bag or pocket and completely forget about them. Until you realise that you need them once again.

Available in our three most favourite colours.