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The Mountains of Greece. Las montañas de Grecia.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Trekking en las montañas Pindos.
Autor: Tim Salmon.
2ª edición.
27 Junio 2006.
368 páginas.
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm.
Most of Greece is mountains, not the islands and seaside that many visitors tend to think of. They are beautiful mountains: rugged, undeveloped, remote and yet accessible. Alpine pastures soften the harshness of the crags, forests fill the ravines, and springs and rivers abound ? a startling contrast to the baking lowlands. There is a rich and rare variety of wild flowers and butterflies. And what survives of the ancient pastoral way of life is full of interest too.

The first comprehensive guide to the Greek mountains to appear in any language when first published in 1986, this book has been completely re-walked and rewritten for this edition. Its backbone remains the traverse of the Píndhos range, but the guide also highlights several regions of special interest that can provide one- to two-weeks? walking.

Walking the mountains of Greece is demanding rather than technically difficult, and is culturally fascinating. These mountains are well within the capabilities of a reasonably fit and committed walker.