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The Mountains of Turkey.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Las montañas de Turquía. Guía de Trekking.
Autor: Karl Smith.
1ª Edición.
1 Enero 1994.
176 páginas.
8 Mapas, 40 Fotos.
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm.
Seasons: Probably best visited from late spring to early autumn. Winters high up can be cold; summers lower down can be very hot. Centres: Trabzon, Rize, Artvin, Yusefili for the Kackar range, Agri and Doguleyazit for Ararat.Difficulty: A wide range of scrambles, treks and mountaineering routes in remote high-mountain terrain.Must See: Ararat is very popular, but the peaks in the Kackar and Ala Dag regions are just under 4000m and are excellent trekking and mountaineering objectives.
Becoming ever more popular as a holiday destination, Turkey offers an exciting and affordable alternative to the Himalaya and other trekking areas. It is easily reached from Europe, and yet enables the visitor to experience a totally different culture and way of life, with some of the world's most hospitable and friendly people.

Although still relatively unknown, there are many spectacular mountains in this large country. These range from dormant volcanoes, such as Mount Ararat, to the limestone spires of the Aladaglar and the jagged granite peaks of the "little Caucasus", the Kackar range. It is ideally suited to the trekker or mountaineer who is looking for fresh challenges in a new, unspoilt environment.

This book gives the most comprehensive coverage yet of the mountains of Turkey. It covers all the principal mountain ranges, and has detailed route descriptions for the major peaks. With over 100 different treks and scrambles described there is enough to keep the visitor busy for several visits.