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Plano callejero de Moscu. Rusia. Escala 1:12.500 / 1:50.000. Idioma: Inglés. 2011.

3rd Ed. 2011 - Although this edition IS an updated version of Moscow, the reality is that the changes are relatively insignificant. The cover picture remains the same, but the ISBN has changed, and regretfully, the continuing devaluation of the American currency, combined with rising production costs, force us to increase the US price. I know that Congress is at loggerheads with the Presidency about the short-term necessity to have the US default on its financial obligations, essentially declaring national bankruptcy, the reality of life is that until Americans themselves stop denying that there is a fundamental problem and agree both to restrain governmental spending and agree to debt reduction increased taxes, the fiscal problems of the USA will not go away. They can be solved, but only by taxpayers admitting that they are expecting more from the government than is affordable – and this is unlikely.