Moscow, St.Petersburg & The Golden Ring

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Moscow, St Petersburg & The Golden Ring.
Moscú, San Petersburgo y el Anillo de Oro.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Fecha Publicación: Marzo 2007.
Categoría: TRAVEL/Europe.
Edición: 3ª Edición.
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This third edition of Masha Nordbye''s acclaimed guide to Russia''s heart and soul captures the myriad of changes that have come about in recent years, in many cases, as a product of Russia''s new-found petrochemical wealth. Her intimate knowledge of both cities, which she has been visiting for the past 25 years, make this volume an essential traveling companion. Through this authoritative text, readers can capture the mood and magic of these famous destinations. Moscow''s once somber streets now buzz 24 hours a day with purposeful activity. St. Petersburg''s baroque and classical architecture and her canals, an inspiration for musicians, artists, and writers such as Rimsky-Korsakov, Pushkin and Dostoevsky, charm visitors to this day. This guidebook''s wealth of information on these two cities and the regions surrounding them will evoke the timeless qualities of Russia''s centers of power.