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Mountain Biking Europe - Guia de bicicleta de muntanya - Europa

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Mountain Biking Europe.
Guia de bicicleta de muntanya - Europa.
Idioma: ANGLÈS.
Autor: Rowan Sorrell, Chris Moran & Ben Mondy.
Edició: 1.
ISBN: 978-1-906098-31-5.
Publicat: Agost 2008.
Pàgines: 336.
Co-written by one of the UK’s leading riders, Mountain Biking Europe takes you downhill, cross-country, GPS finding and freestyle/trail riding across 16 different countries and in over 100 different locations. This unique guide to Europe’s best riding includes information on resorts, bike parks and the classic cross-country routes, plus all the essentials: top tips, local media and websites, the scene, secret spots and must-sees, and all the best rider-friendly places to eat, sleep and drink.

Areas Covered:

Mountain biking is becoming the UK’s fastest growing outdoor sport and Mountain Biking Europe is the only guide to cover Europe extensively.
Aimed at all abilities, beginners, intermediate and advanced, this guide will give mountain bikers the information they need to plan their adventure holiday.
Author Rowan Sorrell is a World Cup Rider and a contributor for Dirt magazine.
‘Riders tales’ section full of hints and tips from pro-riders and experts in the mountain-biking scene.
5 best – breakdown of the 5 best trips, for scenery, parks, groups .