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Mountain Walking in Austria.
Excursiones de montaña en Austria.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Cecil Davies.
1ª edición.
Publicada 5 Agosto 2005.
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Dimensiones 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm.
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Seasons: Summer alpine walking season – from June to mid-September. Scope for snow to linger on higher routes and passes. Centres: Routes are based throughout Austria’s Alps from the Swiss border to eastern hills. Bregenz, Innsbruck, Salzberg are the main entry points, but each valley has its villages and accommodation. Difficulty: Routes are generally high mountain walking, either day or multi-day routes. Possibility of snow. Includes protected routes with fixed ladders and cables. Must See: Stubai and the Tyrol area generally are the best known areas, but there are some wonderful smaller mountain groups to both east and west where the walking is just as good. Austria is the ideal country for the mountain walker. There are many hundreds of mountain huts linked by waymarked paths. Numerous summits over 2000m, and even 3000m, can be reached by walkers, many by simply walking, others by easy scrambling or on easy snow. Suitably equipped parties of three can tackle some glaciers as described in this book.

This is a revised edition of Cecil Davies'' classic book. It is an introduction to 25 mountain groups with detailed descriptions of 98 walks varying from half a day to a good week. Using this guide as a starting point you could soon work out additional walks in each group.

The German and Austrian Alpine Clubs have over 500 mountain huts in Austria, linked by an incomparable system of hundreds of miles of footpaths. There are as many more mountain huts run by other clubs or privately. The huts of the Alpine Clubs are mostly wardened and meals are usually provided, thus it is not necessary to carry a heavy pack.

The vast majority of the walks can be undertaken by anyone competent to walk on British hills.