New Brunswick - Mapa de viaje, turístico y carreteras

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Mapa de New Brunswick. Canadá. Escala 1:350.000. Idioma: Inglés.
ISBN: 9781553418306.
New Brunswick Travel Reference Map 1:350,000
The Canadian province of New Brunswick, called Acadia by its original French settlers, is perhaps best known for being the source of the famous epic poem Evangeline. It is also the home of the Cajun people. The British, unfairly regarding the Acadians (Cajuns), expelled thousands of them to French-controlled Louisiana in the mid-1750s. Some Acadians made the long trek back to the land they considered ‘home’, while many others re-built their lives in New Orleans. Today, the province is an industrious mix of French and English Canadians, sharing a land steeped in history. NB, for short, is the link between Central Canada and the Maritime Provinces. Historic Fredericton, Saint John, and St. Stephen retain many of the buildings built by loyalists fleeing the terror of the colonial revolution in what was to become the USA. The Bay of Fundy tidal bore and the amazing ‘magnetic’ hill that ‘tows’ cars uphill (go see for yourself) are two of the attractions of this interesting part of Canada. This map also completes our ITM mapping of each of the ten provinces and three territories of Canada. Printed on paper, double-sided; AVAILABLE. Map size: 27"X39"