New Zealand: Snowy Peaks to Ocean Deep

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New Zealand. Snowy Peaks to Ocean Deep.
Nueva Zelanda. Desde los Picos Nevados al profundo océano.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Fecha publicación: Enero 2006.
Categoría : TRAVEL/Asia-Pacific.
Edición : 6ª Edición.
Páginas : 304.
Fotos : 120 color.
Mapas : 14.
A popular guidebook to the beautiful destination of New Zealand, with its green-and-golden land spread between snowy mountain peaks, and its winding coastline of island-studded bays and harbors. Waterfalls cascading through mossy gorges, bubbling geothermal areas, active volcanoes, magnificent stretches of sandy beach and cool fjords are among the highlights that attract travelers to the other land ''down under''. This entertaining and well-researched book provides an excellent overview of New Zealand''s Maori culture, a special topic on Tolkien-related New Zealand, geological wonders, national parks and cities, in addition to a step-by-step tour of the country. This guide provides up-to-date, detailed information on New Zealand''s many outdoor sporting activities, including diving, hiking, bird-watching and golf.