Nigeria - Bradt - Guía de Viaje

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Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Lizzie Williams.
MAYO 2008.
2ª edición.
384 páginas. 16 fotos a color. 30 mapas.
ISBN: 978-1-84162-239-2.
Nigeria encourages visitors to cast aside the country’s reputation for crime and corruption, and experience the hospitality and generosity of Nigeria’s greatest asset — its people. Over three times the size of the UK, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa.The guide provides a detailed look at the country’s rich history, from the slave trade to numerous coups plus its vibrant and diverse culture as represented in its music, dress, arts and festivals. Centre of extremes, Lagos is covered in detail with plenty of tips for expats.

- Safety and security section updated in detail.

- New sights in the southeast — Odudu Plateau cable car (the longest in Africa), Tinapa (a new duty-free zone shopping complex) and forest canopy walks.

- Expanded coverage of Yankari and Gashaka Gumpti National Parks.

- Lagos and Abuja - new shopping malls, cinemas, entertainment and nightlife.