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Northern Lights: A practical travel guide.

Llums del Nord: Guia pràctica de viatge.

Idioma: ANGLÈS.
Autor: Polly Evans.
1ª Edició. Octubre 2010.
48 Pàgines. 48 Pàgines de fotos a color. 6 Mapes.
ISBN: 9781841623375.

The northern lights are one of the major tourist draws of the Arctic and sub-Arctic winter. This book covers information on everything from how to photograph the aurora, to what to wear, to how the forecast works. It offers advice on the best European countries in which to see them, and why, and provides information on tour operators offering northern lights packages. Bradt’s Northern Lights is the only guidebook on the market that caters to the large number of people whose dream is to see the aurora borealis.

  • Covers the main locations for watching the northern lights in Europe: Scandinavian Lapland, Iceland and Greenland
  • How to photograph the northern lights, what to wear when watching them and how to understand northern lights forecasting (i.e. should you stay up or should you go to bed?)
  • Details the science behind the aurora and explains the auroral oval and why those locations beneath it are the best bet for northern lights viewing.

  • Table of Contents
    Chapter 1 Introduction
    Chapter 2 What are the northern lights?
    Chapter 3 Where to watch the northern lights
    Chapter 4 Practical information
    Chapter 5 Beyond the northern
    Chapter 6 The northern lights in history
    Chapter 7 Further reading