Nueva Escocia / Isla Príncipe Eduardo- Mapa de viaje y turístico

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Mapa de Nueva Escocia / Isla del Príncipe Eduardo (Canada). Escala 1:400.000. Resistente al agua. Idiomas: Inglés. 2009.
Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Travel Reference Map.
As part of our commitment to map Canada in detail, we are very pleased to announce our newest release, covering New Scotland (or Nova Scotia) and Prince Edward Island, two of the most historic and interesting provinces in Canada. The map includes an inset of Halifax/Dartmouth (founded 1749) and is prepared at a detailed enough scale to show all the touristic attractions of the two maritime provinces, including Anne’s House ‘Green Gables’ in PEI, Magnetic Hill, near, Moncton, NB, Fortress Louisberg, on Cape Breton Island, picturesque Lunenberg on the south shore, and the United Empire Loyalist settlements of Shelburne and Yarmouth; double-sided;