Nueva York Vertical - Libro fotografia panorámica - Spezial M

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New York Vertical. Panorama Spezial M. Nueva York.
Autor: Horst Hamann.
Tamaño: 16 x 33 cm.
Tapa dura en tela de alta calidad.
168 páginas con fotografías a página completa.
Con textos en Inglés y Alemán.

Designed by Harold Vits and Edition Panorama.

Horst Hamann''s bestselling New York Vertical has become a national and international classic of photography. No one before him had used vertical panorama photography in as consistent a manner as Hamann did for this project. His images convey the narrowness of the streets and the seemingly infinite canyons of buildings with an unprecedented immediacy and they show us the Big Apple from an utterly new perspective.