Paraguay - Guía de viaje - Bradt

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Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Margaret Hebblethwaite.
1ª edición. Agosto 2010.
352 Páginas. 16 Páginas de fotos a color. 39 Mapas.
ISBN: 9781841623153.
Paraguay is still largely undiscovered by travellers, but those who make their way here are delighted by the country's distinctive culture and strong indigenous features. A bilingual nation, with Guaraní spoken alongside Spanish, its folk-dance tradition is hugely popular among young people; its harp playing is legendary; and Paraguayans are proud of their different handicrafts, particularly their sewing. The country is also home to the historic Jesuit missions, or reductions (as depicted in the film The Mission).

Bradt's Paraguay– the only English-language guidebook to this emerging tourism destination – covers the region with unrivalled detail and knowledge. It delves deep into a country that has so far eluded the grasp of mass tourism and where rich indigenous culture and folk traditions still hold strong.

  • This is the only stand-alone guide to Paraguay in English
  • The author has an intimate knowledge of the country having lived in the Paraguayan countryside since 2000
  • Paraguay is a newly emerging tourism destination.

  • Table of Contents


    Chapter 1 Background Information
    Geography, Climate, Natural history and conservation, History, Government and politics, Economy, People, Language, Religion, Education, Culture

    Chapter 2 Practical Information
    When to visit, Suggested itineraries, International tour operators, Red tape, Embassies and consulates, Getting there and away, Health, Safety, What to take, Money, Budgeting, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating and drinking, Public holidays and festivals, Shopping, Arts and entertainment, Visiting museums and churches, Media and communications, Cultural interaction, Giving something back
    Chapter 3 Asunción
    History, Getting there, Orientation, Getting around, Tourist information, tour operators and agencies, Where to stay, Where to eat, Entertainment and nightlife, Shopping, Other practicalities, What to see and do, Excursions
    Chapter 4 Circuito de Oro
    Getting out of Asunción, Suggested circuits, Travelling along Ruta 2, San Lorenzo, Capiatá, Itauguá, Ypacaraí, Caacupé, Itacurubí de la Cordillera, Towns north of Ruta 2, Luque, Areguá, San Bernardino, Altos, Emboscada, Atyrá, Tobatí, Vapor Cué, Towns south of Ruta 2, Pirayú, Piribebúy, Valenzuela, Sapucai, Travelling along Ruta 1, Itá, Yaguarón , Paraguarí, Carapeguá, Ybycuí, San Roque González, Quiindý, Parque Nacional Ypoá, Caapucú
    Chapter 5 Misiones and the Jesuit Reductions
    Villa Florida, San Miguel, San Juan, San Ignacio, Santa María de Fe, Santa Rosa, Santiago, Ayolas
    Chapter 6 Southeast to Itapúa and the Ruins
    San Cosme y Damián, Trinidad, Jesús, Colonias Unidas, Excursion to San IgnacioMini, Excursion to San Rafael Nature Reserve, Encarnación
    Chapter 7 Southwest to —eembucú and the Old Battlegrounds
    Pilar, Humaitá, Paso de Patria
    Chapter 8 Excursion to the Iguazú Falls
    Puerto Iguazú, Foz do Iguaúu
    Chapter 9 Ciudad del Este and the East
    Ciudad del Este, Itaipú
    Chapter 10 Villarrica and Central Paraguay
    Coronel Oviedo, Yataitý, Independencia, Villarrica, Excursions from Villarrica, Caazapá
    Chapter 11 Concepción and the Northeast
    Getting there and away, Travelling on Ruta 3, Concepción, The far north, Cruising the Río Paraguay, Pedro Juan Caballero, Parque Cerro Corá and surrounding area, The east-northeast
    Chapter 12 The Chaco
    Travelling along the Ruta Transchaco, Filadelfia, Boquerón, Loma Plata, Mariscal Estigarribia, The Pantanal
    Appendix Language
    Appendix Glossary
    Appendix Selective list of fauna
    Appendix Further information