Patagonia - Libro de fotografía panorámica -Panorama-Bibliothek

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Patagonia Panorama. Bibliothek.

Autor: Markus Renner.
ISBN: 9783898233606.
Tamaño: 35 x 15 cm.
Tapa dura en elegante tela de alta calidad.
120 páginas con 50 fotos color panorámicas a doble página.
Con textos en Alemán, Inglés, Español.
Markus Renner photographed the southern end of the world in the course of many journeys. His brilliant colour panoramas take us to this vast expanse of nature extending across Chile, Argentina and Tierra del Fuego, the "island of fire", enabling us to experience a landscape which must surely be one of the most impressive regions on earth. The plains of the Pampas, the rainforests, the towering peaks of the Andes and the glacial regions all form part of the special attraction of Patagonia.