Philippines: D&S - Guía de submarinismo y Snorkel a Filipinas

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Philippines: Diving & Snorkeling Guide.

Submarinismo y Snorkel a Filipinas.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
2ª edición / Abril 2010.
ISBN: 9781741040500.
160 páginas / 160 páginas a color / 23 mapas.
Tim Rock.
With more than 7000 islands and countless coral reefs, the Philippines offers a plethora of diving opportunities. Whether its snorkeling alongside whale sharks, cruising with mantas or thresher sharks, exploring WWII wrecks or simply hanging out near the kaleidoscopic walls and reefs, this tropical paradise will fascinate divers of all skill levels.

  • Detailed dive information to 125 sites
  • Full-color photos throughout
  • Easy-to-read maps of dive regions
  • Dive icons and skill evaluation for all sites
  • Diving services and live-aboards