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Portugal travel guide.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Dimensiones: 128 mm x 197 mm.
7ª edición, Marzo 2009.
ISBN: 9781741790153.
548 páginas, 20 páginas color, 98 mapas.
Autores: Regis St. Louis, Kerry Walker, Kate Armstrong, Gregor Clark.
Once a nation of seafarers and explorers, Portugal can still take you on quite a ride. Time-warp your way around medieval castles, picture-perfect villages and Roman-era vineyards, then get thoroughly modern in laidback cities like Lisbon and Porto, with their narrow lanes full of book stores and boutiques and their eclectic mix of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. (Please note: Does not include coverage of the Azores or Madeira).

  • Written by Portuguese-speaking authors
  • Activities chapter by outdoor specialist
  • Dedicated Food & Drink chapter
  • Portugal's top eco-friendly experiences