Road Atlas 1:200.000 - Islandia - Ferdakort

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Atlas de Carreteras 1:200.000. Islandia.
Escala: 1:200.000.
Publicado: 2007.
Tamaño: 31 x 16 cm.
Páginas: 82.
Idiomas: Islandés, Inglés. Alemán, Francés.

This road atlas is based on a map database on a scale of 1:250 000. In addition to 50 pages of road maps, the Road Atlas contains several theme maps covering accommodation, camping sites, museums, swimming pools and golf courses. There is also a comprehensive place-name index with over 15,500 entries. The format of the atlas makes it very easy for use in a car: when folded it measures only 16 x 31 cm. When opened, however, the format’s uniqueness is quickly apparent: it unfolds to a width of about 60 cm that gives an excellent overview of a large tract of land. One page can be examined at a time, or the book folded to its original format, which is a 16-cm-wide map page, By enlarging the map from 1:250 000 to 1:200 000, it is easier to read and to grasp the lay of the land. The Road Atlas comes in a handy box.